List of Events from KOOP

We have a long queue of meta-events in our Koopverse. We will update all here

First Metaverse Tribute of the World

It will be the most appealing tribute to our legendary musician, rapper, actor and song writer, the Greatest SIDHU MOOSE WALA.

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First Metaverse Tribute Event By Koopverse Team

One of the biggest tech fans who like to achieve the tag or title for our own Sidhu Moose Wala, for being the first to receive the TRIBUTE to any artist in the world of music and arts, in the latest Metaverse ecosystem.

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Successfully Hosted First Metaverse Tribute Event

We have done it KOOPERS! As one of the biggest fans of the Legendary Sidhu Moose Wala, KoopVerse is very thankful and grateful to our tech team and sponsors, for the financial collaboration to develop such an artistic Arena.

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