why koop token supply is more

why koop token supply is more


A normal question to ask. Here, with KOOP360 management and team, we would like to explain some of the reasons, facts, and features, but without, any comparison with any of the project(s). The reason is simple and justifiable that each and every project, or platform, or ecosystem is developed with different concept, incentive, and reward system.


Do not keep your eggs in one basket. First of all, KOOP360 was initially developed as an ecosystem with different scope of projects including KOOPVERSE.COM (Metaverse, NFT, with Earn Rewards etc.) and KOOPDEALS.COM (an Ecommerce ecosystem) and then the development of KOOPWALLET (decentralized wallet app) and KOOPLFO (Live For Others) have been initiated.

KOOPVerse, by itself, is a significantly disbursed KOOP tokens reward / incentive program, that is further extended to the KOOPVERSE.EVENTS, and it is our privilege to organize the first ever Metaverse Tribute. Due to the fuel to the ecosystem, within koopverse.com, the KOOP tokens will be utilized. Koopdeals.com, as an ecommerce, will have the sign-up bonuses and other discount offers in terms of KOOP tokens. KOOP Wallet will have the same features of KOOP tokens utilization as well though.


KOOP360 management and team have done the detailed R&D at initial stages, and we believed that we have to be secured for the long-term KOOP tokens’ supply management specifically for rewards and users’ utilization. Furthermore, other projects or ecosystem are utilizing their tokens or coins for any one single app or use case (either wallet, or ecommerce, or metaverse), and this can be observed by you as well, but, with Koop360, all of these different platforms are the use cases, and it is a fair supply rule to support your rewards supply accordingly. Any project with limited supply can be exhausted in this scenario and 100% supply will be consumed in a short time. Tokens supply, either large or small, does not matter if it comes to the price of that token, but the amount contributed to any project, as the project growth will decide the multiple (X) times of any amount contributed by its token holders initially.

Most importantly, the benefits of the larger supply will provide us an option in the future to burn specific portion of the remaining supply after all koopers’ community governance smart contract voting rights… or utilize the supply for any other future project or platform, that might be developed under KOOP360. This benefit is pretty much not possible with limited supply projects. Else the limited supply projects will manipulate the token contract in the future without any information, and they can even manipulate the 100% consumed circulating supply and price by their internal setting with the exchanges and rug pull the contributors of that project.