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Who Is In Control Of The Crypto Market?

Almost ten years had passed since the creation of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. The crypto market is still in its infancy, though. Given its youth, the market is destined to encounter several issues.

As a result, the crypto market becomes extremely volatile, with daily price changes of tens or even hundreds of percent for different cryptocurrencies. The four entities that are present in the bitcoin market, their respective functions and their interactions will all be covered in this article.

The four entities in the crypto market are:

  • Small Fishes
  • Whales
  • Institutions
  • The Government

Small Fishes

crypto fish

Small fish are the tiny players in this multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency business, as the name suggests. Therefore, who is a “little fish”? Simply explained, a tiny fish is any bitcoin investor who does not individually have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market. This may be anything from a basic student investing $500 in Bitcoin to millionaires investing $1 million. A million is scarcely a significant number in such a huge market.

A little fish has very little influence on the cryptocurrency market on its own. But if all the little fish band together, it might genuinely make or break a cryptocurrency, not to mention the market. They are a force to be reckoned with because little fish make up the majority of the cryptocurrency market. We must first comprehend what cryptocurrency is in order to understand this industry. The psychology of all the investors in the market is literally physicalized in the current market. What does that signify, then? This means that nothing else, and only the worth of the currency as perceived by all investors, affects the pricing of any given cryptocurrency.

Think about artwork being put up for auction and receiving 1000 bids. What would the price of the painting be if 999 individuals said it was worth $100 million and 1 person said it was only worth $5? It most likely cost $100 million. Similar to this, a cryptocurrency’s price on the market is what the majority of users believe it to be. Perhaps the term “value is in the eye of the investor” would be a better alternative to “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” More importantly, cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value other than what most investors believe they are worth. Therefore, the price of cryptocurrency is determined by the combined wisdom of all the tiny fish.


Whales are people or groups of people who have the power to drastically alter the bitcoin market. This includes well-known figures from the financial community, such as CEOs, or a group of investors with the financial means to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the cryptocurrency market.

crypto whales

For well-known people like CEOs, their viewpoints alone might influence the bitcoin market. Let’s use the remark made by Goldman Sachs CEO: Lloyd Blankfein as an illustration. The price of Bitcoin dropped 20% the same day after Blankfein made it plain that he thought it was mostly used for fraud. The CEO of JPMorganJamie Dimon, mirrored Blankfein’s views on Bitcoin, which led to a 6% decline in price.

It’s important to remember that whales do not actually have direct control over a cryptocurrency’s price. Instead, they have the power to sway the vast majority of the tiny fish, which is, in part, what drives the bitcoin market. Additionally, the whale’s impact on cryptocurrency prices is frequently fleeting and does not have a long-term impact on the cryptocurrency market as a whole.


crypto institutions

There are the Creators first. They are simply the people that invented cryptocurrencies, hence the name “Creators,” which is rather simple. There are presently more than 1400 different cryptocurrencies, ranging from small companies with only a few engineers to large companies with tens or hundreds of employees. Since anyone may make their own crypto relatively easily, there are a lot of distinct kinds of cryptos. This causes a large number of useless cryptos to be produced, despite a lack of financing and development.

If large financial organizations like banks begin to use this blockchain-based technology, it lends some cryptocurrencies respectability. Frequently, the price of the cryptocurrency will increase when a major bank chooses to accept it. The price frequently returns to a position that is marginally higher than the starting point, though. The adoption suggests that the particular cryptocurrency is somewhat steady, which suggests that it might be a successful cryptocurrency in the future. Having said that, it is advisable to use caution when evaluating banks’ use of cryptocurrencies. One should not follow these institutions blindly because they might only be manipulating the market to their own short-term advantage.

The only factor driving the crypto market today is speculation. As a result, the share price of any company would significantly increase if it disclosed a connection to cryptocurrencies or any blockchain technology. As a result, it is advised that people avoid businesses that publicly declare their affiliation with cryptocurrencies because it is likely a ploy to drive up the value of their stock.



Government laws have had a significant impact on the bitcoin market, if not the biggest one. The cryptocurrency market is still in its early stages, in contrast to stock exchanges, where prices might be more predictable because of laws that are in place. The majority of investors in the bitcoin industry make their decisions more on conjecture than on reality.

Therefore, any negative news, particularly those relating to upcoming government regulations, would result in a sharp decline in price. As previously indicated, the rapid flood of investors forced governments to quickly put in place interim restrictions to safeguard their citizens. Many nations still haven’t implemented any kind of investor protection. Governments (China, South Korea, the United States, Singapore, etc.) are rushing to put various safeguards in place to protect their population as of the writing of this article.

People frequently fear government regulations and sell their cryptocurrencies in a hurry when the government imposes restrictions on them. However, for cryptocurrencies to succeed, there must be government rules. Governments would face severe issues, including widespread money laundering and the inability to safeguard their citizens, if they failed to enforce legislation. With time, these issues would multiply and get worse. The eventual intervention of the government, which has the power to outright outlaw bitcoin trade, might be terrible for the cryptocurrency sector.

Who really controls the crypto market?

Simply put, each of the four aforementioned companies has a unique contribution to make to the bitcoin market. We must first comprehend the interactions between the four entities in order to comprehend the market. Because they make up the majority of the cryptocurrency market, the attention would be concentrated on the tiny fish.

Whales are there to make money, thus they’ll try to drive up or drive down the price. The designers want to boost public awareness of their cryptocurrency in the hopes that little fish will buy it and drive up the price.

Companies publicize their affiliation with cryptocurrencies in an effort to boost the value of their shares by preying on impatient investors (small fishes). The purpose of the government is to try to shield the little fish from such a tumultuous market. As previously said, every move is intended to have an impact on the little fish.

crypto market

To sum it up, the small fish are at the center of every decision made by the whales, organizations, and the government. Greater knowledge of the bitcoin market would result from knowing the activities and effects of each entity.

Government regulations should not be feared but welcomed instead because they will make the cryptocurrency market more secure and profitable in the long run. The greatest method to invest in cryptocurrencies, in my opinion, is to find products with a solid development team that is future-proof. Holding out and waiting would provide a safer and greater chance of the price rising. Cryptos and NFTs are the newest tools to transact in the Metaverse. NFT creation platform is offered by KOOP360. This platform, which is open-source and decentralized, is excellent for facilitating the customized development of the Metaverse and NFT ecosystem. Using AI/ML tools, one may easily materialize their ideas.

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