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Salman Khan’s Chulbul Pandey NFT Collection to Enter Metaverse with a Bang

The Chulbul Pandey NFT collection is fully ready to enter the Metaverse with a bang, influenced by Salman Khan’s bold yet adorable character in the Bollywood movie Dabangg. It is a breakthrough achievement for the Bollywood film industry which will soon be an indispensable part of the Metaverse.

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Bollycoin has released a teaser on Tuesday to declare the news of its plans to launch the Chulbul Pandey NFT collections. The Non-Fungible Tokens collection will enable the Khan fans to access shining wearable like skins, outfits, and accessories that can be used on the Metaverse platform like Sandbox and Decentraland.

Pandey will be Bollywood’s legendary character in the Dabangg franchise. As the company has announced, the Chulbul Pandey NFT is one of the initial steps toward its objective to take Bollywood ahead to the Metaverse. The company has collaborated with the renowned Cope Studio, lately taken by Polygon.

The Pandey NFT holders will enjoy special access to the exclusive Bollywood virtual events in the Metaverse. They can attend the special events, watch celebrity interactions and play exciting games in the Metaverse. As Kyle Lopes, co-founder and spokesperson of Bollycoin, says, “Metaverse is the next frontier across industries. Given its immense scope, it is inevitable that it comprises all the elements that can enhance the Bollywood experience for our movie-buff nation. The launch of this pioneering NFT that will prompt the foray into Metaverse, Bollycoin aims to be the vehicle that accelerates the adoption of Bollywood NFTs”.

Bollycoin, formed in October 2021, is a community-driven platform that connects Bollywood with cryptocurrency. The platform owns cryptocurrencies named UniSwap and QuuckSwap listed on the decentralized exchanges. Bollycoin has created a league with Salman Khan Productions, Arbaaz Khan Productions, Sohail Khan Productions, and Reel Life Productions Pvt Ltd.

NFT holders can acquire decorations and costumes subject to NFTs. The NFT holders can join the exclusive club called “The Green Room”, which offers prizes, interactions with celebrities, and many more. In 2022 the new changes are coming through NFTs.

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The thrilling news has already created a new range of excitement among the Khan fans as they will enjoy virtual closeness with their heartthrob in a unique way. On the other side, the news has been a climacteric one for Bollywood to enter the Metaverse with such a big bang! Few days back the Daler Mehendi the famous singer also bought the land with the name of Balle Balle Land at Metaverse.

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