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Gen Zers Are Getting Ideas for Clothing Choices In Real Life From Their Metaverse Avatars

The evolution of the avatar fashion industry, the brands involved, and what this indicates about customer demand for digital fashion. The e-commerce platform has released a new study which provides insights for firms seeking to stake their place in the quickly developing virtual world.

Roblox surveyed 1,000 members of Gen Z-ers about their fashion preferences. 2 in 5 individuals prefer their avatars to be more fashionable than they are. According to Morgan Stanley, the market for digital fashion might reach $50 billion by 2030.

Top Moving Trends

Fashion Avatars

40% of Gen Z users have purchased garments and accessories for the avatars, making the metaverse an additional opportunity to drive community growth. The “Lola” quilted handbag is manufactured by Burberry, a British luxury brand renowned for its unique check pattern, and retails for over $2,500.

On the game site Roblox, though, users can purchase a Lola handbag for under $10 to accessorize their digital avatar. They also can purchase a Gucci Marmont handbag in pink for the cost of $2.10 and accessorize their outfit with a Ralph Lauren hat for the value of $1.25.

Why Avatar Styling Is The Next Fashionable Frontier For Brands?

A representative for 2006-launched Roblox claims and over 50 million daily users. The website is now among the most visited gateway to the “metaverse,” a term used to describe an alternative digital world.

For some Gen Zers, showing off their fashion in the metaverse has become more crucial than in the real world.

Roblox has collaborated with Parsons Design School to survey the fashion preferences of 1,000 US Gen Z members aged 14 to 24.


According to the survey results, two out of five members of Gen Z-ers are more concerned with expressing themselves through the accessories and clothing they wear in the digital world than in the real one.

Three-quarters of respondents were eager to invest digitally, with one-quarter admitting to spending $20 – $100 on a specific item.

Prices for digital designs are often a small fraction of what they would be in real life. This helps make bold, high-end fashion more visible to younger users, except when a Gucci Dionysus Bag sold on the marketplace for $800 more.

Reaching The Next Generation

Digital Fashion

A spokeswoman for Roblox stated that the in-game currency is called “Robux” and that 100 Robux costs one dollar.

And because users’ avatars can appear, dress, and have unique personalities from their physical existence, digital fashion is evolving into a more inclusive form of self-expression.

Roblox’s VP of global brand partnerships, Christina Wootton, stated, “You may not feel quite comfortable exploring different outfits for different body types in the real world. So, this space gives people a place to be themselves, try new things, and find their people.”

Wootton expressed to Insider that seventy percent of respondents claimed they took their real-life fashion ideas from their avatars was the part of the poll that startled her the most. She expects that figure to rise as digital fashion evolves.

In 2030, Morgan Stanley predicts the digital fashion industry will be worth $50 billion.

New Revenue Opportunities
Gucci Town

In the last few years, several well-known fashion brands have started to explore the metaverse. On the popular online gaming platform Roblox, Gucci has been ahead of the curve by hosting a virtual community known as “Gucci Town.” On Sandbox, the firm launched Gucci Vault in October.

Ralph Lauren, Carolina Herrera, and Tommy Hilfiger are well-known designers who use the Internet. It can be a low-risk way for designers to try out ideas before putting them out in the real world.

Wootton claims that over a hundred businesses have designed purses, footwear, and other apparel specifically for Roblox.

Simultaneously, new designers have also been introduced. According to a poll conducted by Roblox, over 62 million articles of clothes and accessories have been developed on the platform since 2022 began. This number represents the work of over 11.5 million creators.

Wootton feels that “being whoever you want to be without receiving a negative response from others” is a major attraction for most individuals.


If a fashion brand wants to get into the metaverse, it will need a bridge from the real world to web3. This experience can’t be simplistic or forced. Roblox asked 1,000 Gen Zers about their fashion preferences, and 2 in 5 claimed they care more about their digital selves. Wootton claims that over a hundred companies have designed accessories and clothing specifically for Roblox.

Roblox’s survey found that 11.5 million users have developed over 62 million clothing and accessories since 2022.

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